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Tax Guidelines

Open a Hong Kong bank account is a lengthy process for which you should be handled by professional bank introducers in Hong Kong to drastically increase your chances to succeed, please find below detailed information about:

1. Companies which could open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong
2. Documents requested by the banks in Hong Kong to open a bank account
3. Why we succeed to open bank accounts when others see their Hong Kong bank account opening rejected
4. Costs of our Hong Kong bank account opening assistance services

1. Companies which could open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong

To open a Hong Kong bank account you will need a local Hong Kong company, the structure of the company, as example the number of directors and shareholders, isn’t relevant but all the directors and shareholders holding more than 10% of the shares will have to attend the bank account opening meeting in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong companies benefiting from nominee services, Hong Kong nominee director and/or Hong Kong nominee shareholder are accepted only by a few banks and always necessitate enhanced due diligence.

Offshore companies are accepted but not all of them, a BVI (British Virgin Islands) company can't anymore open a Hong Kong bank account,banks in Hong Kong are step by step terminating the BVI’s corporate bank accounts.

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Seychelles, Samoa and Marshall Islands companies which are equivalent to a BVI in term on absence of publicly available register of directors and shareholders, can open a Hong Kong corporate bank account without problems, the activity will make the difference as few banks are refusing offshore companies having consultancy activities or other immaterial activities.

Hong Kong bank account denied or terminated? Don’t worry we have solutions for you.

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2. Documents requested by the banks in Hong Kong to open a bank account

Your KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance file should be prepared with a particular attentionbecause if your Hong Kong bank account opening is rejected your name will be stored in the bank system and you will not be able to start a new application with the same bank.

We will prepare a KYC/Compliance file for Hong Kong banks on your behalf and explain with documented proofs your current and futures activities, these documents and information are targeting key elements:

  1. Identity and address proof, with copies of passport and utility bill less than 3 month old

  2. Existing company in your country, proof of existence and document about your business, clients and suppliers

  3. You experience as a manager or shareholder of a business, in particular in the industry of the newly created company

  4. The new company business plan with exact activities, potential suppliers and clients, expected turnover etc.

  5. The origin of the funds used to create this company

A full list of documents will be elaborated by our team of experts in Hong Kong corporate bank account opening process, this will depends on your profile and will be send to companies requesting our Hong Kong bank introduction services.

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3. Why we succeed to open bank accounts when others see their Hong Kong bank account opening rejected?

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First we live and work in Hong Kong, this is a must as we have daily contacts with the banks and we stay updated about bank requests and strategies, there is always multiples changes and what was accepted yesterday may not be the same tomorrow.

Then we are very serious and put ourselves in the bank position, this rendered the process quite inquisitive but by

doing so the bank will obtain from us all the explanations and documents they will need, no additional request save time for the bank and for our clients: we successfully open Hong Kong bank account for 99% of our clients!

Our team include a Certified Financial Consultant, a Certified Public Accountant and the company is member of AICFC (Association of International Financial Consultants), ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money laundering Specialists), AOA (Asia offshore Association) we are following training sessions and conferences all over Asia.

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We will meet with you before your bank meeting check of the information given; we will accompany you to the bank, with few banks assist you during the meeting, debrief after the bank meeting and follow up with the bank for any potential documents or information.

This service request an average of nine hours of work for our team of experts, it’s totally different than what the competition is offering and reflected in our success rate.

Contact us now on Skype: ap-hktaxfree, please mention your nationality and country of residence as this is key to pre-determine your chances of success.

4. Costs of our Hong Kong bank account opening assistance services

Our experts’ team is working in English, French, Cantonese and Chinese, we are also able to read documents in Italian, Spanish and German and this saves time.

Our Hong Kong bank account opening services includes the following:

  1. Exchange with you about the list of documents you will have to submit

  2. Reading of all documents, additional questions or requests

  3. Understanding of your business model

  4. Control of all the elements with an International anti-money laundering database, the same system used by most banks

  5. Additional elements of control

  6. Certification of Hong Kong company documents by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

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  1. Redaction of your compliance file for the selected bank

  2. Communication of your compliance file to the bank and meeting arrangement

  3. Meeting with you prior the bank meeting to explain you what and why the bank will ask you additional questions, the meeting with the bank is usually requesting one hour

  4. We accompany you to the Hong Kong bank and in some case we assist you during the meeting and if needed offer translation services for French speaking individuals

  5. Debrief of your meeting and follow up with the bank

All documents should be in English, potential translation costs and additional certification aren’t included in our costs but are part of the services we do offer.

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