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About Bsida

BSIDA International Business (HK) Limited (here shortened as BSIDA), was established in Hong Kong as a CPA firm. Now BSIDA has developed itself to be a comprehensive business service provider, staffed with a professional team of over 100 consultants and certified accountants. Now we have setup HK service department, China service department, offshore service department, documentation department and various business related departments, offering tailor-made international business services for global SMEs and investors all over the world.


BSIDA Service Network

BSIDA has developed an international service network covering Hong Kong, Mainland China and many offshore countries, such as BVI, Samoa, Seychelles, Cayman, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Korea, etc. Therefore, BSIDA has been enabled to assist you in international investment process, including shareholder nominee, physical local address and bank account opening.


BSIDA Business Positioning

BSIDA provides global corporate and individuals with one-stop services of HK/China/Offshore company registration, bank account opening, annual return & tax filing, company name / shareholder / registered address/business scope change, ready-made company trading, company deregistration as well as other follow-up related services. BSIDA also offers tailor-made intellectual property services, such as HK/China trademark registration, patent application, trademark renewal, and overseas trademark registration such as UK trademark, Taiwan trademark, Macao trademark and many other overseas trademarks. In a word, our services has been developed from startup to follow-up, from basic to high-end, from inland to overseas.


BSIDA Strategic Development

2012 marked BSIDA’s first step in Shenzhen and started a new era for our business development. BSIDA has made a long term development plan to expand our service network to more major cities home and abroad, and also to strengthen our professional team to employ more talents experienced in different industries. In the near future, you will find BSIDA anywhere anytime you need business services. BSIDA will be constantly offering tailor-made and one-stop business services catering to your specific needs.


Contact Us

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Web: http://www.hkbsida.com/

Add: Room 1107, Block B, Taipingyang Commerce and Trade Mansion, No.4028, Jiabin Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen China.


    About Bsida
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    BSIDA International Business (HK) Limited.

    Addr: 1107,Block B,Taipingyang Commerce and Trade Mansion, No.4028, Jiabin Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, China