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Hong Kong companies do tax accounts

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In order to make the entrepreneurs to better understand the relevant knowledge of Hong Kong's business environment, business management and accounting tax treatment, the Division I according to the actual needs of enterprises and the existence of doubt, Hong Kong Limited and unlimited companies do accounts, auditing and tax problems were analyzed and compared, and formulated the following instructions:

1. do account tax returns - Limited and unlimited companies difference

After Ltd is different, Ltd. finished the account; the company in the event of the business, the company goes through the process of nuclear unlimited number of accounts done directly to the Inland Revenue Department to declare and pay tax according to the financial statements: ※ difference whether the number of nuclear , through the Hong Kong auditor auditor, audit report issued, according to the data presented to the Inland Revenue Department audit report before they can declare tax.

※ Hong Kong Profits Tax rate different: unlimited corporate tax rate of 15%, the tax rate is 16.5 percent, Ltd.

※ Report examined different: companies must make annual report, the annual unlimited company as long as you can do, and that is an unlimited company as long as the business registration certificate to the Inland Revenue Department to do an update, you do not have to do the annual report of the Registrar of Companies.

2. do account tax returns - How to determine whether your company can zero tax - there is no operation and management standards

In Hong Kong, the company can not operate a zero tax, the company must have business to do accounts, tax returns to audit. Of course, in a sense, as long as you carry out transactions on behalf of a company or commercial activities, you have already started a business. If from the written record is concerned, can be judged by the following aspects, in line with which there is an aspect of the business:

※ bank account has left business records;

※ government customs, import and export logistics company, has left record;

※ purchase and sale relations with Hong Kong businessmen;

※ in Hong Kong has hired employees;

※ permit or authorize the use of patents, trademarks, designs and other information in Hong Kong;

※ permit or authorize the use of movable property in Hong Kong to collect rent, lease payments made;

※ Consignment in Hong Kong;

※ other profits obtained or produced in Hong Kong.

3. Hong Kong company tax returns to account for patterns

In Hong Kong, the processing returns about three cases:

※ zero tax - for no operating companies;

※ direct tax account after doing - suitable for business unlimited company;

※ can do tax accounts, auditing after - suitable for business Ltd.

4. Zero Return

If in a fiscal year, the Company had no operations, then the year you can apply for an exemption to the government to do accounting, auditing and payment of taxes, direct tax to zero. Hong Kong government requires companies to declare once a year. Processing time: Most of the new company will receive the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department sent profits tax table in the first 18 months, zero reporting must hold reporting good profits tax to the Inland Revenue tax form within one month after receipt of the tax table. Standard Price: 860 yuan. Zero tax process: Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department received profits tax table == "== confirm the signing of shareholders' tax cost delivery ==" to the Inland Revenue Department for tax matters == "for completion, customer feedback

5. The financial and tax schedule

Fiscal year: the financial year is usually 12 months, the first year can be extended to 18 months; tax time is generally one month after the end of the fiscal year, if you can not return on schedule, must apply for an extension in the period. The following is a tax schedule, for reference only:

The latest financial year after tax time (checkout months) Extension

January-March year on November 15

From April to November of the following year on April 15

In December the following year on August 15

6. Prepare accounts before declaring company and information to be submitted

※ Preparing do account:

① Although the Hong Kong Government requested an annual tax return, companies generally can not begin until the end of the accounting process, the general business should have occurred to begin preparing accounting information; classification and sorting ② Notes: The sales invoices, invoices and costs expense invoices chronologically classify, organize, display. Such as bills more, you can add number in the upper right corner with a pencil notes. Note that all dates and documents provided do correspond with the date of posting periods; ③ recognition bill: Compared with mainland China, the Hong Kong Government recognized the signature of all company invoices (can be made), receipts and notes.

※ Hong Kong companies do need to submit account information:

① bank statements, and water alone; ② ticket sales: invoices, contracts; ③ cost bill: invoices, contracts; 4, the fee bill: salaries, rent (lease contract or agreement shall be provided), freight; 5, other related documents : the original copy of the constitution, the annual return, the company changed all data (if any), fixed assets bills, investment-related documents, do the first three to five pens purchase and sale invoices and payments received corresponding annual accounts and the like.

※ How to transfer bills to the Division I: according to the actual situation of the company monthly, quarterly or semi-annual data provide an accounting, the premise is to make sure you do accounts, audit and tax have plenty of time.

7. Hong Kong companies to do accounting, auditing, tax process

After the assessment, quote, negotiate agreements signed tax returns do account == "prepaid payment ==" Organize documents, the accounting treatment == "complete == do account" to pay the balance due == "by the auditor ==" audit == completed "Report post shareholder sign ==" accountant who signed the audit reports to the government filing == "related files refund customers

8. Price and Payment Services

Welcome by cash, debit, wire transfer, check or promissory note payment to Hong Kong or mainland account we specify.

9. Hong Kong company tax returns do account processing time:

Processing time: the documents sent to the Division I, counting from the customer, depending on the customer account the degree of sophistication, according to customer requirements and tax arrangements time to do the whole account, auditing, tax time is about 10 days to three months without Wait.

10. The Government of the Hong Kong company tax delays and penalties

If the delay tax, the Inland Revenue Department will impose fines of varying amounts depending on the length of time delay, minimum fines for the HK $ 1200 yuan.

11. Glossary

※ auditor

Audit Hong Kong Mainland China equals audit. According to the provisions of Article 122 of the Hong Kong "Companies Ordinance", all registered in Hong Kong Limited, CPAs annual audited financial report required to read each company's shareholders at the annual general meeting of shareholders. In addition, the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department also requested Ltd. with the report attached audited financial statements in order to make assessment purposes.

※ audit reports

The audit report by the certified public accountant to analyze the income statement, balance sheet and related notes in accordance with auditing standards, audit, report made a professional and authoritative. Audit reports not only can be used as tax returns, can also be used to make credit, loan review, but will also improve the company's management through audit reports and protect the interests of shareholders.

※ overseas earnings

If the company's business activities take place outside in the Region, profits belong to the acquired overseas profits, such profits do not have to pay based on the calculation of earnings gains tax to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. Business does not happen in Hong Kong can apply for overseas profits, the following points may be used to verify whether the service in Hong Kong occurred: suppliers and customers are not Hong Kong businessmen, signed orders not process occurred in Hong Kong, the declaration did not occur in Hong Kong, shipping and receiving and so on, did not leave any records, etc. operating in the Hong Kong Government.

Conditions apply for overseas profits and the information must be provided:

a. Companies in the mainland's organizational chart, address and area offices and the mainland, the number of employees in the Mainland, the names of the employees, the jobs, duties and salaries.

b. purchase and sale of the goods category.

c. How and by whom, where and how to find the supplier determines the price of purchase. Case consultation, please explain how the consultations, including location and contact person.

d. of each purchase, there is no sign a formal purchase contract. If yes, please describe how the contract discussions, drafting and signing of where and by whom.

e. to explain how to purchase orders to suppliers, including location and contact person.

f. by the suppliers how and where and who arrange shipment inspection before shipment.

g. whether the supplier of the goods shipped through Hong Kong. The company has no stock in Hong Kong.

h. Sources of funding company purchases and the method of payment to suppliers.

i. supplier with the company, its directors or shareholders have no relationship.

j. From what way, by whom and where to get customers. How to determine the price of goods sold. Case consultation, please explain how the consultation including location and contact person.

k. of each sales, there is no formal sign sales contracts. If yes, please describe how the contract discussions, drafting and signing of where and by whom.

l. How and where and accept orders of customers. Who decides whether to accept the order.

m. The company how to arrange shipment to the customer.

n. Customer payment methods.

o. customers with company, its directors or shareholders have no relationship.

p. Providing these agreements in two single largest transaction of sale and purchase agreements, orders, signatures confirm the order, other contacts to discuss fax, shipping documents.

12. Hong Kong taxes

Hong Kong is a narrow tax base, less taxes, tax the most simple free trade treaty ports. Hong Kong tax is simple, in order to better cut costs in Hong Kong are familiar with the tax nature is necessary.

※ Profits Tax

It is based on the assessable profits (ie a fiscal year net profit) within a year of assessment levied. Where carrying on any trade, profession or business in Hong Kong and from the trade, profession or business to get all the profits arising in or derived from Hong Kong in Hong Kong (the sale of capital assets excluding profits) of the person, includes a corporation, partnership, trust people or groups are required to pay taxes, levied not by Hong Kong residents and non-Hong Kong residents, respectively. Therefore, one of Hong Kong companies all important matters must be handled each year is declared profits tax to the Hong Kong Government. 2004/2005 Hong Kong profits tax Limited government regulations for net profit of 16.5%, unlimited corporate profits tax rate of 15% of net profit. If the company that year no operating profit or operating loss as well as overseas, you do not need to pay taxes.

※ import and export duties

Import and export of goods in addition to alcohol and tobacco, cosmetics, and special provisions, other goods can enjoy duty-free import and export.

※ Hong Kong salaries tax

After the income of any person arising in or derived from Hong Kong office, employment obtained in the Hong Kong, minus the deductions allowed (personal allowances or charitable donations), it must pay 2% to 20% of salaries tax. Currently, salaries tax rate in 2%, 8%, 14% and 20% four grades. The current personal allowance HK $ 10 million.

General Information Limited Hong Kong audit required

The audit company accounts are generally required documents, please provide the relevant documents for the year, details are as follows:

1, financial statements and spreadsheets

2 books including general ledger, subsidiary ledger, bank and cash journal Journal

3, inventory ledger

4, bank statements

5, including the expenditure vouchers subpoena, summons and income entries summons

6, sales invoices

7, purchase invoices

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