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Hong Kong companies are not examined and no cancellation What are the risks?

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If the directors of the Company has decided not to operate the Hong Kong company, it is strongly recommended that you log out of the company in case there are a variety of potential risks. If the directors or members of the Hong Kong company neither examined, nor logout, home of the do not ask, you will face a maximum fine of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars, and a daily default fine of $ 700 yuan; the same time, if violated criminal law , he will be sentenced to up to three years in prison and out of Hong Kong by the impact on its future territory.

Overall, neither of Hong Kong companies examined, the risk is not written off the main as follows:

■ Overdue fines will produce high: Hong Kong is the anniversary of the company's fine calculated. For example, if your company's 2012 annual fine is 2,000 Hong Kong dollars, the year 2013 will also have a corresponding fines, accumulated year after year. Over time, it will give you a great deal of potential risks.

Overdue fines Hong Kong companies examined the details are as follows:

[Note: The above fine with annual calculations. If five years overdue examined, the amount of the fine will be multiplied by 5 times. (Penalty charge for each year is different, for reference)]

■ cause great impact on company directors, shareholders (members) reputation and freedom of movement. At the time of the directors or members of the company out of the territory of Hong Kong, it will be prohibited from entering or prohibit customs exit (exit only after paying a fine)

■ fails to file annual returns of the company to a maximum fixed penalty of HK $ 50,000 and a daily default fine of $ 700.

■ Government in 3-5 years will be forcibly removed from the company, there will be a court summons and fines to the directors of your company during the same time will leave the directors leave personal record.

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