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Hong Kong Barcode Application

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Hong Kong Barcode Application is one of the intellectual property services provided by BSIDA. BSIDA provides international trade bar code application. International trade goods coding is unique. It can master goods, service, and position accurately in commercial operation and promote business efficiency. Barcode can express international trade goods code. Enterprise can use the barcode to scan and rip related product data accurately. It’s convenient for business partners to use international trade goods code transmit goods data by electronic way.


Hong Kong Barcode Application-Why Use Barcodes

The use of barcode technology in an industrial setting can be traced back as far as the 1960s, with some early implementations to identify railroad cars. Common barcodes began appearing on grocery store shelves in the early 1970s as the UPC code to automate the process of identifying grocery items. Today, barcodes are just about everywhere and are used for identification in almost all areas of business. When barcodes are implemented in business processes, procedures can be automated to reduce human error and increase productivity. Barcoding should be considered whenever there is a need to accurately identify or track something.


Hong Kong Barcode Application-What is the best barcode to use

The type of barcode to use for a particular situation depends upon:

1. the implementation;

2. the data-to-encode in the barcode and

3. how the barcode will be printed.


There are several different types of barcode standards for different purposes - these are called symbologies. Each type of symbology (or barcode type) is a standard that defines the printed symbol and how a device such as a barcode scanner reads and decodes the printed symbol.


Enterprise can enhance market competition ability when its product added international trade goods code. Hong Kong goods code association is the only native international organization authorized by the government. BSIDA can act apply for bar code in the Hong Kong association of goods code. We can get 1000 reference Numbers with “489" for the prefix when firstly apply for it. Just apply for it again when it use up. Documents need to provide: product and company introduction (Including catalog is better), application form, application form, the latest business registration certificate, Small round the chapter etc. All can be done in 10 day if material is complete.


If you need to apply for Hong Kong bar code, you can always rely on Bsida for registration.


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