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Director & Shareholder of Hong Kong Companies

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Hong Kong Company Setup is one of Bsida's busienss services provided for investors home and abroad. It is very easy to set up a new company in Hong Kong.


Director & Shareholder of Hong Kong Companies

1. At least one shareholder, one director and one secretary are needed for a Hong Kong limited company.

2. Any natural person who wants to register a Hong Kong company must be over 18 years old.

3. Shareholder could also be acted by a legal person, as far as corporate structure is concerned.

4. Now it is not easy to open bank accounts in Hong Kong, so Bsida will suggest one natural person to act as the shareholder and director, which is good for bank account opening in Hong Kong.

5. The natural person is better to be above 30 yesrs old, which is more recognized by Hong Kong banks.


Why to set up a company in Hong Kong

With the advantages of the business environment, preferential policies, friendly tax system and peerless transportation, Hong Kong, a metropolis of opportunity, originality and enterprising spirit, has attracted many investors’ attention. More and more people established their own companies in Hong Kong to improve the international image and extend their business.


If you need to set up a new company in Hong Kong, you are always welcome to rely on Bsida for the registration.


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