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Overseas Company Registration

Dubai Company Registration

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Dubai company registration is one of the offshore business start-up services provided by BSIDA. It is also called Dubai Company Setup, Dubai Company Incorporation, Dubai Corporate Formation, Dubai Business Startup, Dubai Business Registration.


Dubai company registration-Advantages

1. No taxes of any sort and no tax department (except for the oil producing Companies and branches of foreign banks)

2. No filing of account

3. No taxation information exchange agreements with other countries

4. No public record of directors and shareholders

5. Highly flexible and confidential banking system geared to the requirements of high net worth international investors

6. Strong legislation which protects the confidentiality of investors.


Dubai company registration-Name and company activities

The company name must not contain the following words and must not pursue with listed business activities: BANKING, INSURANCE and REINSURANCE.

The name of the company must end with “LTD” only.


Dubai company taxes

There are NO corporate tax, personal tax, capital gains tax or VAT in the UAE with exception of oil producing companies and branches of foreign banks.

No taxation information exchange agreements with other countries.


Dubai company Annual report – not required

Accounts must be audited and must be distributed to shareholders (but not filed). The accounting records may be retain wherever the directors choose.


Dubai Company Shareholders and Directors

Minimum one. No public register, but the registered agent must retain a shareholder register at the registered office.


Directors – minimum one director (corporate director’s allowed). There is no public register of directors, but the registered agent must retain a register of directors at the registered office

Local registered office is required.


Dubai company registration-Minimum Capital

Arbitrarily determined by the company owners. Recommended – 1000 AED.

However, there is no requirement to pay in the capital.

The documents could be notarized by a Notary Public Solicitor (“N”) or could be legalized or attested by a Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of the applicant and further stamped by the UAE OR Arab Embassy


If you need to set up a company in Dubai, you can always rely on Bsida for registration.


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