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USA Company Registration

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USA Company Registration is one of BSIDA's offshore business start-up services. United State America is one of the highly developed countries, situated in the central-north part of America. It consists of forty eight states including of capital city Washington DC. Approximate 312 million people are residing currently in USA and it has high human development index along with high economic growth. It is most preferred country for global investors, if you want to establish your business in USA. You must need to company registration in USA before proceeding next job.


USA Company Registration-business entities

1. Sole Proprietor

2. Partnership (General or Limited Partnerships)

3. Corporations ("C" Corporations and "S" Corporations)

4. Limited Liability Company (LLC)


USA Company Registration-sole proprietor

A sole proprietor is the entity in which a person opens a business alone without incorporation or any agreement with others. No forms or filing is required and the tax liability is the sole responsibility of the owner on an individual basis. Any debt or other liability is totally the responsibility of the proprietor and to the extent of all his personal and business assets.


USA Company Registration-general partnership

A General Partnership is formed when two or more persons get together to conduct a business or trade. A verbal agreement between the partners is enough; however, a written agreement is encouraged. There are no filing or registration requirements. Each partner is taxed on his share of the profits as distributed by the partnership and treated as personal income.The downside to this business entity is that partnership debt and other liabilities are the responsibility of the partners and extend to their personal assets.


USA Company Registration-limited partnership

A Limited Partnership is very similar to the General Partnership, however, the Limited partners are not liable for partnership debt and only their investment is at risk. In the Limited Partnership, there must be a general partner who has total management responsibility. If the limited partner gets involved in management, they risk losing their liability protection. The Limited Partnership is required to file a document with the Secretary-of-State and the partnership is governed by a Limited partnership Agreement.Taxation is on a personal income basis (flow-through taxation) and the partnership is limited to 35 members.



The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a hybrid with similarities and differences with the other business forms:

It is a separate legal entity like a corporation

It does not have shareholders, but rather it has members.

Its members are protected with Limited Liability. Their personal liability is limited to the amount invested in the LLC

For USA incorporation the members can be physical persons or entities, including corporations, partnerships, trusts etc.

Non-residents can be a member of the LLC. ("Offshore LLC's")

It is taxed like a partnership which has the benefit of flow-through taxation.

Can be formed with any amount of members.

An LLC does not pay taxes; its resident members are tax liable as personal income similar to a partnership. Non-resident members are liable for taxes on income derived from the US.

Foreign members are not liable to tax and don't have to file tax forms if the income derived is not from the United States.

The only document required to register your company, (company formation), with the local Secretary-of-State is the Articles of Organization.

An LLC has a limited life span.


If you need to set up a company in USA, you can always rely on Bsida for registration.


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