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Qianhai Company Registration is one of the company registration services provided by Bsida for global investors. It is also called Qianhai Company Setup, Qianhai Company Incorporation, Qianhai Corporate Formation, Qianhai Business Registration and Qianhai Business Startup.


An enterprise incorporated in Qianhai and engaged in the Encouraged Industries is entitled to a preferential enterprise income tax rate of 15% during the period from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2020 in accordance with the PRC law. Such enterprise need to meet the following two requirements:

1. The enterprise’s main business is included in the Encouraged Industries; and

2. The enterprise’s main business income covers more than 70% of its total income.


Qianhai Company Registration Catalogue

1. Modern Logistic Industry

1) The design of the supply chain solution, the management and processing of the orders, virtual production, information management, capital management, consulting services and some other supply chain management services

2) On-board and off-shore outsourcing logistic services

3) The development and operation of the system of modern logistic technology and logistic public services

4) The settlement and management of the third party logistics


2. Information Service Industry

1) The development of the communication value-added business applied system

2) The R&D of the e-verification, e-commerce, and e-government technology

3) The R&D service of information safety technology

4) The data mining, data analysis, data service and the development of the digital resources

5) The new-generation mobile communication network, the new generation internet technology development based on Pv6

6) The R&D of the satellite communication technology

7) The R&D and service of the general software, industry applied software, and embedded software

8) The R&D and service of the technology of cloud computing, internet, high-reliable computing, intelligent net and big data


3. Science and Technology Service Industry

1) The professional science and technology service of various industries, such as new energy, new material, the bio-medicine, the low carbon green and some others

2) The R&D and service of the new technologies, including gene sequencing, stem cells, functional protein, life science and so on

3) The R&D and service of the new-energy battery, the three-dimensional display and print technology

4) The technology –advanced service, such as the information technology outsourcing, the business process outsourcing, the knowledge process outsourcing and so on.


4. Creative Industry

1) The creative design service, including the graphic design, package design, ad design, interior design, landscape design, industry design, costume design, and so on.

2) The development of the cultural information resources

3) The R&D and service of the audio-visual program technology

4) The R&D and creation of the cartoons and internet games

5) The R&D and service of the new media technology


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