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Chinese trademark registration for a long time?

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Currently registered trademark application in China takes about 12-14 months, he spent the longest time to review and Trademark Office, with progressively faster examination time has been shortened in recent years. Bai Staff recommends that you do not come down in order to prevent the registration of trademarks registered before the commission Bai Staff Service do for you professional trademark query, to avoid unnecessary delays.


■ trademark registration in advance inquiry

Trademark query refers to the trademark registration applicant or his agent before the application for registration, trademark application whether its earlier rights trademark query whether the same or similar work. The scope of the query to a query from the date of the Trademark Office has entered into a database of registered trademarks and trademark applications is limited, the result is not legally binding, only approve or reject the application as a reference, not according to the Trademark Office.

Trademark query is a professional work, also can entrust our behalf inquiry, Nigel Foster business scope mainly involves trademark registration, renewal, change, license, transfer, controversy and so on. Since its inception, has trained more than enterprises of trademarks and other intellectual property, and held a number of large enterprises intellectual property consultancy.

■ trademark registration review form

Trademark review form, form trademark review refers trademark registration authorities to apply for trademark registration of documents, procedures are in line with the law, if compliance with the law, the review body scheduled application number, filing date, issue a "notice of acceptance of registration." Establish the filing date is very important, because our trademark registration application prior use principle, the filing date of the event has become a legal basis for determining trademark, filed with the Trademark Office for trademark registration date of receipt of the application form shall prevail.

■ substantive examination of trademark registration

Trademarks substantive examination, substantive examination is a trademark registered trademark authorities to apply for trademark registration is in compliance with the provisions of the Trademark Law of the checks carried out. Information retrieval analysis and comparison. Investigation and decision to grant preliminary approval or rejection of the application and a series of activities.

■ trademark registration preliminary announcement

Trademarks preliminary announcement, after a trademark application for registration refers, upon examination, to comply with the relevant provisions of the "Trademark Law", allowing the decision which it is registered. And make an announcement in the "Trademark Notice" in. Preliminary approval of the trademark from the date of publication of the preliminary approval announcement three months no one raised any objections, the mark shall be registered, published at the same time register a notice issued registration card.

Four steps: trademark query (immediate) - Trademark formality examination (about 15 days -30 days, issued a notice of acceptance trademark can be used) - Trademark substantive examination (6-10 months) - Trademark Gazette (2-3 months) - obtain the registration certificate (1-2 months).

Total required time: 12 to 14 months.

Bai Staff Friendly reminder: (not approved before registration), please do not label registration mark (eg: the words "registered trademark") during the trademark application in a trademark, you can mark "TM".

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