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Hong Kong trademark Renewal and Restoration

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■ Trademark Renewal

If you are a registered trademark in Hong Kong, it should be within six months of the expiration date of the trademark (generally trademark is valid for 10 years) before the application for renewal of a trademark, and pay the appropriate renewal fee. Bai Staff will need to renew before contact with you.

Trademark owners of the expiry date of the trademark registration or application for renewal of trademark registration before. Applicants may use the online search system verification trademark registration expiration date. Where the trade mark (Cap 559) is eligible for registration "Trade Marks Ordinance," which registered from the date of registration valid for 10 years. For example, such as trademark registration date is September 10, 2003, which is registered in the 10 years until September 29 of 2013 effective. Trademark owners should be within six months prior to the expiry of the registration period, that is the latest application for trademark registration and renewal in September 9, 2013.


Trademark registration renewal period of 10 years each. Examples of the above terms, such as trademark owners to apply for trademark renewal, expiry date of the registration period for next September 29 (assuming the above dates are all working days) 2023.


■ Trademark recovery

Customers often consult Bai Staff Service, such as trademark registration has expired, has also been deleted from the register, you can restore this register?

Recovery is a registered trademark, but there is a deadline. Must submit an application for restoration ("Trade Marks Rules" on page 35) within six months after the date of trademark deleted. This period can not be extended. Official renewal fee is: first class of goods or services is HK $ 3,000, followed by each category and then increased by HK $ 1500 yuan (2013 fees). After the renewal of trademark registration, it will retain the original registration number.

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