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Italy trademark Register GuiItaly

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Italy is the world's seventh largest economy, the eighth largest trading nation, the eighth major exporter. Italy's foreign trade is the main pillar of the economy. Foreign output value accounted for more than 40 percent of Italy's GDP. A variety of personal consumer goods, machinery and capital goods, machinery and equipment in the world market to occupy a very important position.

Italy is a luxury paradise. So, if you want to develop luxury goods business, then certainly a registered trademark in Italy is the best option.

■ Italian trademark registration application fee (with a simple application)

A query (not necessarily step)

1, a simple query and reporting $ 3,438

2, integrated query and reporting $ 5,637

Before applying the query role is to identify similar or identical application influential has applied for trademark / registered.

This fee is included in the Trademark Office trademark inquiries, reviewing and reporting the search results with advice.

Second, the application (for one trademark one class): $ 11,000

This fee includes assisting applicants choose to apply category, prepare and submit an application. Payment of official fees and reporting application materials.

Third, the newspaper and registration fee: $ 4,125

This fee includes the license notification report bulletin bulletin ﹑ handle matters, reporting acceptance of registration, obtaining and forwarding the Certificate of Registration and the payment of official fees. Please note that due to the length of the official announcement costs are based on the size of charged announcement, so the costs may vary depending on the individual case is different.

Trademark Duration: 10 years.

Fourth, additional services

1, defense costs (for one trademark one class): $ 4,125- $ 13,750

This fee is limited to general defense and because of the complexity of the cases be adjusted. Another case involving court proceeding will be based on the individual lawyer's fees may be, Nigel Foster will notice.

2. Replace the name or address of the applicant: $ 16,500

This fee includes submission of such documents, pay official fees and notary fees, and change enlightenment on Send.

■ trade mark registration procedures

1, a significant character ﹑ any pattern or marker text plus patterns can apply for registration.

2, before applying the query role is to identify similar or identical application has been influential application / trademark registration. Query class with up to 10 designated goods or services, a total of 45 categories. Cost is valid for 10 years. After or before maturity may, renewal decade.

3, after submitting an application, the Trademark Office examiner will review the application is made. If the application fulfills the Trademark ordinance and do not contravene other registered or has applied for registration of trademarks, to advertise the trademark registration shall be allowed of compliance with the conditions of registration will be issued. As from the date of announcement within three months counted no opposition, the applicant will be able to apply for a certificate of registration from 12 to 18 months later.

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