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German Trademark Register Guidelines

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Germany is the world's fourth largest economy. The world's most influential car brand Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche in Germany, the famous car brands Opel also born in Germany (now part of the US General Motors Group). Germany is the world's largest trading nation, to maintain trade relations with over 230 countries and regions. Well-known German brand with quality, technology leadership, fine workmanship.

■ apply for German Office

Trademark administrations in Germany is that the German Patent and Trademark Office (Deustsches Patent-und Markenamt).

■ Object German trademark protection

Text, letters, numbers, graphics, sound, stereo, etc.

■ application documents to be submitted

1, standard trademark instance, include the designated products or services;

2. reproduction of the mark (26.2 × 17CM);

3, pay the application fee.

■ German trademark application

After receiving the application, the Patent Office give the application to send a text number and filing date (date of receipt of the application the Patent Office), and then immediately sent to the applicant or agent of the notification of acceptance. After this, the Patent Office will no longer be sent on receipt of a notice of book items. In determining the symbol and paid after class, though, will be whether to meet the formal requirements of the application for registration should be examined. If you do not meet the requirements, we will inform the applicant to make corrections. If corrections made within the prescribed period, we will continue to apply for the program, otherwise, will be rejected. If you apply for the following defects will be corrected after the date of the filing date: the lack of information on the identity of the applicant; without trademark design; no specified goods or services. If there are no absolute grounds for refusal, the trademark can be registered. If there are absolute grounds, the applicant will receive a notice and have the opportunity within the stipulated time the Patent Office to make observations thereon.

After taking into account the views of the applicant, if the Patent Office considers it necessary to maintain rejected. The examiner will determine whether a higher level of registration.

If the registered German trademark is ultimately rejected, the applicant may lodge an objection to the first OBJECTION EXAMINER, Overruled, it can appeal to the Federal Patent Court. Objection, without additional charges. If the Patent Office did not respond to opposition within six months, the applicant may submit ruling request, if the request has not been made in the last two, the applicant can appeal. If the application materials meet specifications, there is no absolute reason, the German trademark will be registered and announcements. It must be noted that, after the registration, only temporary trade mark rights in Germany, there may have been based on a prior right of objection.

■ German trademark registration opposition

After the German trademark registration notice, prior rights holders can raise objections within three months. Objection to make a duplicate. If an objection, the registration will be revoked. If there are no objections to these three months, it was officially registered trademark, and only cancellation cancellation procedure to revoke the trademark. Objection prior rights.

■ German trademark protection

Protection of ten years from the filing date, the filing date until ten years after the last day of the month where. After each renewal decade. Renewals must be made in the final on the 1st of protection, if the fee is not paid by this date, the Patent Office will notify the registrant of the trademark will be revoked. Within six months after the notice is served, the registrant can still make renewal, but must pay a fee more.

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